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## Introducing Avios APIs Our API platform is your gateway to Avios: the loyalty partner of choice in travel. We help you create deeper and more profitable engagement with your customers. Our suite of APIs offers a seamless integration experience, allowing you to quickly and easily: - award Avios to your customers in real time whenever they make an eligible transaction with you - debit Avios from your customers’ accounts in real time when they use Avios to make a purchase - manage your customers’ loyalty membership information, and even enrol new members into an Avios-affiliated loyalty programme With Avios APIs, you can unlock the benefits of the following loyalty programmes: ![Airline Partners]( ## How To Get Started ![Get Started Workflow]( ### Signing up and guidance In order to use Avios APIs, you must sign up and be registered as an Avios partner. To get started, simply sign up on [](, contact your Avios representative or email us at []( Our partner onboarding team will work with you to identify which APIs you’ll need, register you as an Avios partner and give you a secure API key. ### Security and authentication We’ll provide you with your very own API security key during the onboarding process, which will grant you access to the set of APIs you need. You’ll need to include this security key as a querystring parameter called “api_key” in all API requests you make. ### Testing We have a staging environment available to test any new API integrations. Our partner onboarding team will help you conduct testing to ensure everything is working smoothly. When you’re ready to deploy to production, our team will also help you validate that the go-live has been successful. ### Releases and versioning We’re always working to enhance the functionality of our APIs and will communicate upcoming releases through our API developer portal. To minimise disruption, major updates to an existing API will be released as a new version, and we’ll continue to support older versions for up to 12 months after a new release. ### Request and response format Avios APIs currently only support JSON format for API request and response payloads. When making an API request, you must ensure that the request object complies with valid JSON syntax. ### Rate limiting The following limits are placed on the number of API requests you can make using your API key: - __Throttle__: maximum number of API requests per second - __Quota period__: time period used to control the maximum number of API calls to be made by a given API key - __Quota__: maximum number of API calls that can be made in the specified quota period with an API key If your API key exceeds one of your rate limits, you will receive a response with an HTTP status code of 403 (Forbidden – Account Over Rate Limit). ## Additional Support Our handy [FAQ guide]( and detailed [API documentation]( are useful resources for troubleshooting. When additional support is required, our team can answer your questions and help you resolve any issues. Simply get in touch with your Avios representative.